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The journey to financial freedom has begun!

Defi Empire Games: Adventurers Guild

“The Adventurers Guild” Game: https://guild.defiempiregames.com

Mobile version of “The Adventurers Guild” Game: https://guild.dracodex.defiempiregames.com

Defi Empire Games has officially entered V2.0 with the launch of our new governance token, $EDG, and game, Adventurers Guild, this past weekend.

As a team, we couldn’t be any happier with how the launch rolled out. Outside of a few short-sighted players who chose to take a small profit, the vast majority of those who participated in the stealth launch used their newly-acquired $EDG tokens to hire adventurers.

And we successfully blacklisted dozens of wallets that attempted to use bots to snipe the public launch.

Now, we’ve turned our attention to the future of our ecosystem. May will be a busy month for us, as we expect to release $EDG staking in the coming days — where you’ll be able to earn 185% APY — and Outlaws vs. Guards NFT staking game in a few weeks.

We’ll be providing updates on both of those in our Discord and Telegram channels soon. In the meantime, let’s go over the basics of Adventurers Guild and how to take advantage of the enticing compound bonus.

⚔️How to Play

To start playing, go to https://www.guild.defiempiregames.com/. From there, the process is simple:

  1. Connect your wallet using the ‘Connect Wallet’ button and approve $EDG spending using the ‘Approve EDG’ button.
  2. Click ‘Play’ to start playing.
  3. Go to the receptionist, Elena, using your keyboard arrows or the arrows displayed on the screen.
  4. Use your space bar to talk to Elena, then use your up and down arrow keys to move between dialog options.

Note: If you hired and saved adventurers in V1 and have not done so already, make sure you click ‘Migrate’ to transfer your existing adventurers to the Adventurers Guild platform. These adventurers will immediately begin accumulating gold ($EDG).

⚔️Hiring adventurers:

  1. Choose the option ‘I want to Hire Adventurers’ using your enter key.
  2. Type in the amount of $EDG you want to spend to hire adventurers.
  3. Press ‘Hire Adv.’ You get around 3% of your initial investment regardless of the amount of adventurers you receive.
  4. If you have any ‘Gold Collected’ before hiring, that gold will be automatically compounded to give you even more adventurers.

Pro tip: If you want to make use of your compound bonus (see whitepaper), then make sure to compound any gold collected before hiring adventurers.

⚔️Compound your gold:

  1. Choose the option ‘I want to Compound my Gold’ using your enter key.
  2. Your compounding bonus (from 0 up to 130%) will depend on your level. You can see your level, which increases the longer you go without withdrawing your gold, in the top left of the screen and your bonuses in the top right.
  3. When you compound, you will see a pop-up informing you of the BONUS percentage of adventurers you will receive.
  4. Your level only resets to 0 if you withdraw your gold. So, you can keep compounding using the bonuses as much as you want as long as you don’t withdraw.

⚔️Withdraw your gold:

  1. Choose the option ‘I want to Withdraw my Gold’ option using your enter key.
  2. There is a consecutive withdrawal tax (from 0 to ~80%) depending on how many times you withdraw during a time period.
  3. You can see your taxes on the top right of the screen.
  4. When you withdraw, you will see a pop-up informing you of the percentage you will be taxed. You will also get a warning that your compounding bonus will reset to 0 if you withdraw.
  5. You can see the maximum amount of gold you can withdraw at once (see whitepaper) in the top left. This number is also an approximate estimate of what your adventurers make in one day.

⚔️Other UI Elements

We wanted to make V2.0 as intuitive as possible. With that in mind, you’ll also find several other helpful elements on the Adventurers Guild UI.

  • You can see your $EDG balance, $DEG balance, NFTs owned, as well as your level and how many hours until you level up on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • You can open your ‘Controls’ window by pressing the cog button.
  • You can open the ‘How to Play’ page by pressing the ‘!’ help button.
  • You can open the leaderboard by pressing the ‘Leaderboard’ button.

⚔️Compounding Bonus

If you’ve done the math, you’ve likely realized the massive effect a 130% compounding bonus will have on your adventurer count and, ultimately, the amount of gold they collect on a daily basis.

Recent ‘miners’ have made the compound 6/claim 1 strategy popular. We wanted to take that mindset a step further and reward players who took the extra step of waiting at least 12 days (technically 13 if you want to take advantage of the 130% bonus) before claiming any rewards.

As a reminder, your compounding bonus isn’t impacted by how often you compound. Instead, the bonus increases every time you level up (every 48 hours up to 12 days), so long as you don’t withdraw your rewards.

To reiterate what we said in our last article: these bonuses, while attractive to current and prospective investors, will not drain the contract. Why, you ask?

First, players are only able to withdraw the maximum amount of gold they make in a 24-hour period. So bad actors won’t be able to let their gold accumulate for a few days in an effort to dump them all on the market.

And second, players who think they can let their gold stack up to sell over a period of several days will be hit with the consecutive withdrawal taxes, which increase all the way up to 80% if you try to withdraw gold five times in less than 6 days.

Our goal was to create an ideal balance between encouraging players to compound their earnings while also giving them a way to make solid profits, all while maintaining a healthy price action for both the short and long term.

As we mentioned previously, we’re hard at work behind the scenes developing the upcoming features that will add more use cases for $EDG.

Feel free to reach out to the team or our mods through our Discord and Telegram channels should you have any questions or suggestions for future games/projects.

Finally, we wanted to thank you, Adventurers, for believing in us. V2.0 would not have been possible without your support.

🤗 Special thanks to DeFiDad for writing this article.

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