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5 min readMar 18, 2022
Defi Empire Games: V2 Whitepaper

Adjustable V2 Whitepaper:

We are proud to present our adjustable whitepaper for a more sustainable ecosystem.

While V2’s release is still projected to be 2–7 weeks away (most likely 4 weeks), we couldn’t wait to share our vision for the future of our protocol.

This whitepaper contains creative sustainability features combined with ideas from other successful projects as well as some solid community suggestions. It remains adjustable as we work hard behind the scenes to improve upon our protocol’s solid foundation.


  • Transfer/buy/sell tax.
  • Anti-whale + anti-bot measures.
  • Tax for consecutive Gold withdrawing.
  • Bonus for consecutive compounding.

Here’s what else we have store for V2.

Enhanced Draconic Gold ($EDG)


If you missed our previous article, the main takeaway is that $DEG, V1’s governance token, will not transfer to V2, but any adventurers hired at the time of the snapshot will.

This decision, which was voted on by the community, was made to prevent whales still holding or accumulating large amounts of $DEG from dumping on the market as soon as we launch V2.

Adventurers transferred from V1 will now earn you V2’s governance token, $EDGEnhanced Draconic Gold.

We want to make the token launch as fair as possible, so we will not be holding a presale for $EDG. And speaking of the launch, we will have several measures in place to prevent bots from sniping the launch only to dump later. Wallets who immediately snipe will be blacklisted and will not be able to transfer the token.

Our team will provide the BNB needed for liquidity, 100% of which will be locked. Additionally, 100% of the team’s tokens will be locked.

Fair launch = . But let’s dive into the heart of our price stability and sustainability strategy: taxes.

Right off the bat, we’ve added a 3% buy and transfer (using or withdrawing $EDG from games is excluded from the transfer tax). There will also be a 5% standard tax when selling $EDG. This sell tax will be added to what we believe are key additions to our tokenomics:

  • +15% tax if you’ve sold $EDG within the past 8 hours. (You can avoid this tax by waiting at least 8 hours between sells).
  • +20% tax if selling tokens not acquired through one of our games. (Each time you claim $EDG from a game, you can sell that amount without paying this tax).
  • +Additional tax that scales up with the amount of $EDG being sold compared to the amount of $EDG left in liquidity, up to 50% (detailed explanation in the whitepaper).

All three of the aforementioned sell taxes will prevent huge dumps of $EDG while also incentivizing average players to use the token instead of just trading it.

Did we mention we’re also making $EDG deflationary?

0.5% of the taxed $EDG will be burned. Scarcity = increased value over time. The rest of the taxed $EDG will be sent to the tax address that will fund reward pools for future games/features.

All of the BNB taxed will go back to liquidity, which you can look at as an instant buyback with 100% of the taxed amount.

So, we’ll have a new token with a combination of innovative and proven tax mechanics. What’s happening with Jayce The Aspiring Adventurer, you ask?

Adventurers Guild

The “Adventurers Guild” game will be the next iteration of “Jayce The Aspiring Adventurer”. It will have the same whitepaper, but you shouldn’t expect it to be a simple copy paste of the current game.

First and foremost, Adventurers Guild will feature a new and improved user interface, making it easier to use and less confusing. We’ll also be reducing the initial price of one adventurer, lowering the barrier to entry to allow smaller investors to take part in the game.

To bolster our goal of price stability and sustainability, we will be implementing additional taxes based on withdrawal frequency. Specifically:

  • A 20% tax on withdrawing Gold two times in less than 48 hours. 100% of this tax goes back to the reward pool.
  • A 40% tax on withdrawing Gold three times in less than 72 hours. 100% of this tax goes back to the reward pool.

There will also be an additional tax added if a player withdraws a certain percentage of the reward pool. The basic premise is that the larger the percentage of the reward pool being withdrawn, the greater the tax. A detailed explanation can be found in the whitepaper, but it’s worth noting this is unlikely to come into play given the 75,000,000 $EDG allotted to the reward pool.

As you can imagine, it is far less likely that players will repeatedly withdraw from the system when facing steep taxes for doing so. It becomes even less likely when you factor in the brand new compounding bonus we’re introducing following community feedback.

The compound bonus will have tiers. The first bonus of 10% will kick in if you haven’t withdrawn in two days (48 hours). From there, the bonus will increase by 10% every 48 hours up to 60% at 12 days, at which point you will keep that bonus until you claim your Gold.

Essentially, the bonus means you will get more adventurers than you paid for depending on how long you go without withdrawing your Gold.

What’s to Come?

While our team is hard at work perfecting V2 (be sure to check in periodically so you don’t miss sneak peeks of the new UI and other upcoming features), we don’t want to ignore other external factors that will contribute to the success of our project.

It’s no secret that marketing for V1 did not go as intended. We are formulating a better plan that will include influencers promoting our project as well as an ad campaign closer to launch.

While we have full faith in the security of our smart contract, we’ll be working to secure an audit with a reputable agency as soon as possible.

As a reminder, this whitepaper is adjustable, meaning it can be changed or added to as work on V2 progresses. Please continue to offer any suggestions or ask any questions in the appropriate Discord channel.

We know several weeks in crypto can feel like a lifetime, but remember that while you wait for V2 to launch you can continue to stake your $DEG to accumulate $DMC for use in the upcoming Outlaws vs. Guards NFT game.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come in such a short time and we have no intention of slowing down.

Special thanks to DeFiDad for writing this article.

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