$DEG Presale IS HERE!!


$DEG Presale IS HERE (On DraCodex)!!

DraCodex Platform: https://www.dracodex.defiempiregames.com

After it was suggested by community members to introduce a locking period for the presale tokens, we held a community vote that resulted in the following updates:

  • Locking the presale tokens from being claimed until the 23rd 4PM (UTC).
  • “Jayce the Aspiring Adventurer” will be released on the 23rd 8PM (UTC).
  • The listing on PancakeSwap will be on the 22nd.

Presale Details

Special Whitelist: Minimum: 0.1 BNB | Maximum: 5 BNB
Standard Whitelist: Minimum: 0.1 BNB | Maximum:2 BNB
Price: 1 BNB = 10000 $DEG
Phase 1 (20th 4PM): Only whitelisted can buy.
Phase 2 (21th 4PM): Everyone can buy.
You won’t be able to claim your $DEG tokens before the 23rd 4PM (UTC).

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