DraCodex: Defi Empire’s Platform IS HERE!

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2 min readFeb 15, 2022
DraCodex: Defi Empire’s Platform IS HERE!

DraCodex Platform: https://www.dracodex.defiempiregames.com/

DraCodex is a platform for the Defi Empire ecosystem finance services that won’t be gamified.

Starting with the presale event of our governance token $DEG, and soon will host the Liquidity Farm feature that will enable players to receive rewards by providing liquidity to our ecosystem, as well as NFT minting and other features.

Defi Empire Gold ($DEG)

The governance token of our ecosystem will be: Defi Empire Gold $DEG and its utility will increase with each new project we release starting with Jayce The Aspiring Adventurer, a project we decided would be a great way to reward early adopters giving them a way to stack up $DEG which will be of central utility in the upcoming features.

More details on the Token here.

Presale On The 20th Of February

Once the presale starts, if you are whitelisted you can buy $DEG tokens (you receive the tokens as soon as the transaction is confirmed).
If you are not whitelisted you will have to wait for phase 2 to start, then it will be First come First served with the same hardcap, but increases with 1BNB every 4 hours.

— Special Whitelist: Minimum: 0.1 BNB | Maximum: 5 BNB
— Standard Whitelist: Minimum: 0.1 BNB | Maximum: 2 BNB
— Total allocated tokens: 8 000 000 $DEG
— Price: 1 BNB = 10000 $DEG

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