$EDG Utility: ✨Stake your Tokens for 185% APY✨

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3 min readMay 20, 2022


EDG Utility: Stake You Tokens for 185% APY

Defi Empire Games has added a new feature to its growing ecosystem: $EDG staking.

Adventurers can now stake their $EDG tokens — whether they were acquired through the Adventurers Guild or purchased off the market — on the DraCodex platform and earn 185% APY.

Staking provides a low-risk way for users to grow their investment, enabling them to take part in future features like the upcoming NFT mint for the Outlaws vs. Guards NFT game.

How it Works

First off, you can stake any amount of $EDG you want.

Note: Withdrawing $EDG tokens from the Adventurers Guild game to stake will still result in you losing your compounding bonus. We did not want to create a loophole that would allow players to avoid paying the consecutive withdrawal taxes.

Once staked, you essentially have three options:

  1. Compound: You can restake your earnings once every 24 hours (0% tax).
  2. Claim: You can claim your rewards once every 24 hours (5% tax).
  3. Unstake: You can unstake your tokens any time you want (10% tax).

Leaving your $EDG staked for at least a month will remove the taxes mentioned above.

As an additional incentive for V1.0 investors, all players with saved adventurers will have a 10% compounding bonus forever.

And don’t think we forgot about those of you on V2.0’s leaderboard. Players with the top 10 adventurer count can look forward to an extra compounding bonus as well, starting with a 1% bonus for the person in 10th — increasing by 1% each rank up to 10% for the person in 1st.

Coming Up Soon

The NFT mint and the accompanying Outlaws vs. Guards NFT game are coming soon after BNB miner.

Keep in mind the whitepaper for the mint, which includes the amount of $EDG and $DMC needed to mint an NFT, and the game remain adjustable.

Speaking of $DMC, we’ve seen many in our Telegram and Discord ask when they can claim their tokens earned from staking $DEG. While we haven’t yet set a specific date, you will be able to claim your $DMC closer to the NFT mint.

Finally, let’s circle back to the topic of marketing.

In our last article, we provided some insight into our marketing budget and why it is so low. We wanted V2.0 to be as fair as possible, so we didn’t hold a presale or fundraiser of any kind before its launch.

As we continue our push to get Defi Empire Games out to the DeFi community, we’ve decided to develop a quick, standard miner on the side. Like other miners, it will be high risk, high reward, but with added incentives for promoters to bring in new investors and promote our ecosystem as a whole.

We will also be implementing a small tax fee that will be used to supplement our marketing funds, allowing us to execute an efficient marketing plan right before the NFT minting and staking release.

We’re excited with the progress we’ve made, but we’re even more excited for what’s on the horizon. Be on the lookout for more announcements and proposals in our Discord and Telegram channels.

Stay tuned, Adventurers.

🤗 Special thanks to DeFiDad for writing this article.

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