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7 min readApr 14, 2022
Defi Empire Games: Gamify Your Financial Freedom

The wait is almost over. Prepare to gamify your financial freedom with the new and improved Defi Empire Games.

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to our adjustable whitepaper for V2.0. We’ve spent the past several weeks perfecting and improving upon it, with the goal of ensuring the sustainability and longevity of the ecosystem.

We feel that we’ve built something groundbreaking here at Defi Empire Games, and now we’re excited to reveal the official whitepaper for V2.0.

📜Official V2.0 Whitepaper:

While we encourage you to read the whitepaper in full, here are some key highlights:

👉 Anti whale-dump + anti-bot measures.

👉 Consecutive Withdrawing Tax.

👉 Consecutive $EDG Selling Tax.

👉 Incentives for Using $EDG.

👉 Consecutive Compounding Bonuses.

👉 Improved User Experience.

👉 Accessibility To Small Investors.

🔥 And more.

⚔️ Token Launch and Improvements

First off, there will be no presale for $EDG (Enhanced Draconic Gold), which as a reminder is replacing $DEG as our new governance token.

There will, however, be a stealth launch the day before the public launch. You can participate in the stealth launch by obtaining a whitelist spot through events and contests held on our social media.

The starting price during the stealth launch will be 0.1 BNB = 1000 $EDG, but that price will fluctuate after people buy in. Whitelisted individuals will have a hard cap of 0.5 BNB, and they will not be able to sell until the public launch.

Our team will provide the BNB needed for liquidity. The BNB spent during the stealth launch will also be sent directly to the liquidity.

During the public launch, we plan to blacklist wallets who use bots to try and snipe the token as soon as it is listed. We will do this through multiple instances of lowering the taxes and raising them back up again in the moments before launch. Any tokens acquired by these wallets will be non-transferable.

🔴 Make sure not to buy before we officially announce the launch or you risk getting blacklisted as well!

Now, on to everyone’s favorite part.

Enhanced Draconic Gold ($EDG)

⚔️ Token Taxes

$EDG will be deflationary — 0.5% of the taxes detailed below are burned indefinitely. The rest of the taxed $EDG will be sent to the tax address that will fund reward pools for $EDG Staking and future games/features.

There will be a 3% tax when transferring or buying $EDG. Using or withdrawing $EDG from games is excluded from this tax.

There will also be a 5% standard tax when selling the token, which will be added on top of significant taxes imposed against bad actors who might threaten the longevity of the project — starting with a 15% tax for those who try to sell twice or more in less than 8 hours, plus a tax that scales with the amount of $EDG being sold compared to the amount left in liquidity; this prevents whales from dumping large amounts of $EDG at once or through multiple separate small sells.

Individuals who sell tokens not acquired through one of our games will also face an additional 20% sell tax. $EDG claimed from the game, however, can be sold without paying the 20% tax. This will encourage holders to use their $EDG instead of just trading it.

⚔️ Improved UI, New Features

We heard you loud and clear — make the user interface less confusing and reduce the barrier to entry.

The Adventurers Guild game does just that. It will have the same concept as Jayce The Aspiring Adventurer but with a more inviting UI. There will also be a reduction in the initial price of one adventurer.

In the meantime, let’s go over some of the game contract improvements that will contribute to the overall success of V2.0.

⚔️ New Level System

Adventurers Guild will include a new level system that will reward those who play the game instead of dumping their earnings.

All players will start at level 0. You increase your level the longer you wait to withdraw your gold ($EDG). The higher the level, the greater your compounding bonus, meaning you will receive more adventurers than you paid for.

  • 🏆Level 1: if you haven’t withdrawn in 2 days you gain a 10% compounding bonus
  • 🏆Level 2: if you haven’t withdrawn in 4 days you gain a 20% compounding bonus
  • 🏆Level 3: if you haven’t withdrawn in 6 days you gain a 40% compounding bonus
  • 🏆Level 4: if you haven’t withdrawn in 8 days you gain a 60% compounding bonus
  • 🏆Level 5: if you haven’t withdrawn in 10 days you gain a 90% compounding bonus
  • 🏆Level 6: if you haven’t withdrawn in 12 days you gain a 130% compounding bonus

Withdrawing resets your level to 0. You can keep compounding using the bonuses as much as you want as long as you don’t withdraw your gold.

☝️ The compounding bonuses look tempting, but aren’t they going to drain the contract faster?

We made our calculations for the long term and as you can notice the bonuses are not made to the overall gold collected or gold withdrawn after the consecutive compounding but to compounding itself which means that assuming you don’t withdraw for 12 days even though you get 130% bonus but its a compounding bonus which mean you have to compound again to benefit from it you can’t just withdraw on that day because you will lose the bonus, and if you do compound again to benefit that makes it 13 days of consecutive compounding and you get 130% more adventurers only for compounding the gold you collected for that day which isn’t that much if you really think about it (it is definitely worth and tempting without it being too much that will offset anything), same thing for the next day if you withdraw you lose the bonuses etc. And even if someone gets greedy and compound tons of consecutive days which would be very beneficial for him but even then it wouldn’t create a massive sell-off as there is the “you can’t claim more than the gold you make in 24hrs at once” + the taxes if you withdraw consecutively which means that for it to be worth for that individual he will still have to compound most days and withdraw once in a while. So it is perfectly balanced for an extremely healthy chart (long and short term). All of this without mentioning how attracting the bonuses look for new investors which is beneficial to everyone.

⚔️ Consecutive Withdraw Taxes

Earlier we mentioned a 20% tax imposed against holders who try to sell without entering the game. While we feel this is a good start to encouraging players to actually play the game, we wanted to take it a step further and improve the sustainability of the game contract, making the game more enticing.

In our adjustable whitepaper, we included a 20% tax on withdrawing gold two times in less than 48 hours and a 40% tax on withdrawing gold three times in less than 72 hours.

We’ve since added a 60% tax on withdrawing gold four times in less than five days and an 80% tax on withdrawing five times in less than six days.

Where will the taxed $EDG go, you ask? 100% will go right back into the reward pool.

But wait, what’s to stop someone from letting their gold accrue for a few days to avoid these taxes, then withdraw and sell a massive amount all at once? Did someone say maximum withdrawal?

In V2.0, the maximum you can withdraw at any given time is the amount of gold you can collect in a 24-hour period. For example, say you make 1000 gold/day and you wait three days until you have 3000 gold collected before you withdraw. You will only withdraw 1000 gold, with the remaining 2000 gold staying as gold collected that you can either use or withdraw again — with the aforementioned taxes being imposed, of course.

⚔️ Roadmap and a Message to V1.0 Participants

While we’re proud of the progress we’ve made, that in no way means we’re letting our foot off the gas.

You should expect V2.0 to launch towards the end of the month. That will include the redesigned website, token launch and Adventurer’s Guild game.

After that, our goal is to increase $EDG’s utility through staking, which will release in late April, and the Outlaws vs. Guards NFT game (with $DMC listing), which will release in May. Keep in mind, the NFT mint and Outlaws vs. Guards portions of the whitepaper remain adjustable.

We will release more details on upcoming features soon.

For those of you who have been here since V1.0’s launch, we haven’t forgotten about you.

While you may not have landed on the moon just yet, the good news is that those of you who compounded your earnings and saved your adventurers by the snapshot will start off in a very good position in V2.0, as your saved adventurer count will adjust accordingly with the reduction in adventurer price.

Be on the lookout for AMAs held by our fantastic mods in our Telegram and/or Discord server in the coming days. You won’t want to miss these, as they’ll be releasing additional details about V2.0’s launch and the future of our ecosystem.

This is just the beginning.

🤗 Special thanks to DeFiDad for writing this article.

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