Ready For V2.0: Redesigns, Whitelist Contests and More!

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3 min readApr 20, 2022
Defi Empire Games: Gamify Your Financial Freedom

Grab your sword and shield, Adventurer, because each passing day brings us closer to the new and improved Defi Empire Games.

🚀 V2.0 stealth launch will be on the 29th of April, and the public launch will be on the 30th of April.

In the meantime, we’ve released our redesigned website, which showcases our new branding and upcoming features. After all, what would a new token and new game be without a new look?

🏰Check it out here:

Excited? 🔥We thought so.

Links to the Adventurers Guild, NFT Mint and Outlaw vs. Guards games will be updated in due time. Adventurers can still collect $DEG from the V1.0 Jayce The Aspiring Adventurer game, as the liquidity remains locked for the next few months.

Here’s what else you need to know ahead of V2.0’s launch.✨

🏆Stealth Launch Whitelist Contests

If you aren’t already, make sure you’re a part of the growing Defi Empire family by following us on Twitter and joining our Discord and Telegram.

Being active in the community and participating in social media contests and events will greatly increase your chances of winning a coveted whitelist spot for the $EDG stealth launch.

As a reminder, there will not be a presale for $EDG, so the stealth launch will be your best chance to get the most bang for your buck. Lucky winners of a whitelist spot will be allowed to spend up to 0.5 BNB. Please note that the price of $EDG will fluctuate even during the stealth launch.

📹New YouTube Channel

V2.0 has only been made possible because of you, the community.

Our team has essentially built this new version from scratch, which has allowed us to make significant changes that will make our ecosystem sustainable.

While we were hard at work in the background, our mods and other active community members have been busy answering questions and increasing the visibility of our project.

Defi Empire Games now has an official YouTube channel!

Check out the Official Defi Empire Games YouTube channel for explanatory videos, announcements, teasers and more!

As we’ve previously detailed we’ve implemented numerous complex tax mechanisms in V2.0 to encourage players to actually play the game, while also limiting the impact whales have on the price of $EDG.

One of our mods, SemperDeFi, explains these new taxes in great detail in one of our videos.

You know the drill, be sure to like, comment and subscribe to help with the YouTube algorithm!

📣Help Get the Word Out

As we wrap development up behind the scenes, we’re starting to increase our marketing and online presence.

Share our articles and videos on Twitter. Invite your friends to our community. Tell your grandma to wear Defi Empire Games apparel at the nursing home. Well, maybe not that last one..

Many projects in our position a month ago would have been crippled due to FUD. Not ours. From the ashes we will rise again.

We’ve packed our bags for the long haul. Have you?🔥

🤗 Special thanks to DeFiDad for writing this article.

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