✨The Power of Adventurers Guild’s 130% Compounding Bonus✨

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Defi Empire Games: The Power of Adventurers Guild’s 130% Compounding Bonus

Hello, Adventurers!

In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into one of the Adventurers Guild’s most attractive features: the 130% compounding bonus.

With this feature, even a small investment can quickly grow exponentially in size, making you feel like a whale in no time.

Let’s talk through an example using a modest investment of 0.5 BNB, which comes out to around $163.50 at today’s prices.

Note: Keep in mind the adventurer to $EDG ratio, as well as the amount of gold your adventurers brings in per day, can fluctuate. But you should expect to make around 3%/day of your investment. And remember, you cannot sell your adventurers once hired. You can only sell the maximum amount of gold they accrue in a 24-hour period.

That 0.5 BNB would get you 151.04 $EDG using the current price of $1.05/$EDG while also factoring in the 3% buy tax.

Currently, 151.04 $EDG would get you around 1,963.56 adventurers, which would bring in around 5.6 gold ($EDG) per day. Put simply, your $160 investment would start earning you $5.88 per day.

Not bad.

But the game’s tokenomics don’t encourage daily selling, as you will face increasing taxes based on how often you sell over a period of days.

Instead, players are encouraged to grow their investment over a period of days/weeks, thereby exponentially increasing the amount of gold they can withdraw in a 24-hour period.

As a reminder, Adventurers Guild features a brand-new leveling system, where players start at level 0 and level up by not withdrawing their gold.

The best part: you don’t have to manually compound to get to the 130% compounding bonus, you just need to have not withdrawn your gold in 12 days.

So, back to our example. If you were to compound your earnings each day for 12 days (including utilizing the 130% bonus on day 12), your adventurer count will have grown from 1963.56 to 3,299.03, which would net you 10.05 gold/day.

If you continue to compound daily for a month, your adventurer count will have increased to just over 10,964.41 and you will be bringing in 33.42 gold/day. That’s a 458.4% increase in adventurer count and a 496.8% increase in gold/day in just a month’s time.

Withdrawing 33.42 gold worth just over $35 at today’s price is a lot more enticing than withdrawing $5.88, agreed?

If prices remained the same and you were to compound daily for 54 days, you would be able to pull your initial investment out with one withdrawal. You could pull out more than double your initial investment with one withdrawal just 11 days later… Compound interest is a beautiful thing.

Keep in mind this is just one example of how you can take advantage of our unique compounding bonus. There are countless strategies you could employ to get your ROI while also growing your investment to increase future earnings.

We hear what you’re saying: “30 days, much less two months, is an eternity in crypto!”

Don’t worry, we have several things in the pipeline that will keep you busy in the meantime.

$EDG staking, where you can earn 185%, is expected to launch within the next week. Staking will be instrumental for many in their pursuit of obtaining an NFT in the upcoming Outlaws vs. Guards game, which will release later this month.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to vote on proposed adjustments to the $EDG staking whitepaper in our Discord. We’re still making adjustments to the Outlaws vs. Guards whitepaper — expect to see a vote on proposed updates soon.

“But the price of $EDG is in a downward trend, wen marketing?” you ask.

That’s the subject of our next article, which we will post soon.

Stay tuned, Adventurers.

🤗 Special thanks to DeFiDad for writing this article.

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